Josh in a Hat


What's the point of this? Why am I wasting the Internet on wearing a bunch of hats? How utterly lame, you're probably thinking. This is the story of why.

I'll lay it out for you like a timeline, because that's easy.

Wednesday 23 November 2005:
In my journal I make the comment that "people are not wearing enough hats," a line of dialogue I sheepishly stole from Monty Python's Meaning of Life. This got the gears turning about how I could fix this problem. I shuffled it away for later thought.

Friday 2 December 2005:
As a result of the "I Hate Ties" contest, I mention that if nobody wins I'm going to buy myself a nice hat, something Ian was in favor of.

Saturday 3 December 2005:
Recalling the ideas from two weeks prior, I make the first proposal on the Gathering about a gallery of me in hats. Phil was supportive and that was enough for me to go ahead with it though I didn't have a game plan yet.

Wednesday 7 December 2005:
Four days later Jon wanted to know where the hats were. Initially I was going to kick it off with a week of hats and then sporadic updates after, but the proximity to Christmas gave me time to do a "twelve days" sort of thing. After all, I had been trying to come up with some sort of Christmas countdown and hadn't really come up with anything good yet.

Thursday 8 December 2005:
I give the first official notice of the event, because people seemed excited about it for some reason.

Saturday 10 December 2005:
During one of my site updates I outline the schedule and mention that there will be poems.

Tuesday 13 December 2005:
The first hat makes its debut. They would continue up for another eleven days until Christmas.

Wednesday 21 December 2005:
While working on hat #9, I consider whether some sort of website should be made to keep this all organized in one place.

Wednesday 7 June 2006:
After six months I decide to go ahead and make the site after I realize that it wouldn't require that much work.

Monday 12 June 2006:
The website is released to the public.

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