Benedict XVI's Reign

Right from the start, Pope Benedict XVI has been talk of concern. Besides being pretty old on his election (78 years of age), he's also already proven his ultra-conservative stance against, well, pretty much everything. It's fairly obvious that he won't last long in the papacy, and was elected primarily to serve as a short-term pope to carry on the standards of the late John Paul II, with the good possibility that his successor will be a pope of more liberal and open thought.

We at the Gopher Gathering have voiced our thoughts on how long Benedict XVI will remain in office. These figures cover a wide ground, from Jeremy's brief fourteen months to Josh's probably optimistic twelve years. We of course mean the new pope no harm generally and wish him well. However, the troubled politics of it all are a reason for doubt.

The Reign of Benedict XVI
Beginning April 19, 2005
Who? How long? What year? Reason?
Jeremy 1 yr. 2 mo. 2006 Stroke
Kyle 2 years 2007 Old age
Erin 3 years 2008 Assassination
Phil 6 years 2011 Bad name
Paul 10 years 2015 Unspecified
Josh 12 years 2017 Old age

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